How to Choose the Right Rental Car in the Dominican Republic

Once you arrive at a Dominican Republic airport, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of rental car choices. So if you want a memorable and unproblematic vacation, then you need to know how to choose a rental car.

Here are the eight factors you need to consider when doing so:

1. Car Selection

If you’re going to drive in DR, then you might as well drive in style. So when it comes to choosing a rental vehicle, find one that suits your taste. We offer a fleet of high-end vehicles, from a family-friendly Honda CR-V to a sleek Mercedes GLE 43. Jeep SRT and Hyundai Tucson rentals are also available.

No matter what your car choice might be, we got you covered.

2. Features

Your vehicle will be your on-road ‘home’ for several days (or weeks). So here’s a valuable tip on how to choose a rental car’s features: go for something that will keep you safe and comfy throughout your trip.

Indeed, Grandeliga cars can make this possible. All our vehicles are decked with all the features you could ever need while driving, such as:

  • GPS
  • Satellite Radio
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Leather seats
  • Full-power windows
Luxury car with GPS monitor

3. Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re in the DR or any other country, you’d want a vehicle with good insurance coverage. As such, you should know how to choose a rental car policy that fits your needs.

At Grandeliga, you can choose from any of these three options:

  • Self-insured- There’s no daily fee involved, but we will need a security deposit or credit card hold amounting to $1,500.
  • Standard liability- This costs $10 per day. It also comes with a $1,000 deductible and third-party damage coverage.
  • Comprehensive- For only $35 a day and a $500 deductible, you get accidental and third-party damage coverage.

4. Rental Process

You’re in the Dominican Republic to have a good time, not work through some rental company red tape. So it’s crucial that you know how to choose a rental car company that follows a hassle-free process.

Grandeliga is all about offering an easy, streamlined rental procedure to its clients. So after choosing a luxury rental vehicle and providing your details, you’ll get your automobile right away.

It’s that quick.

Person handing rental car key

5. Payment Options

Don’t have cash? Or do you only have dollars, not pesos?

You don’t want your car options to be limited just because the company doesn’t accept your payment method.

So here’s a golden tip on how to choose a rental car: pick a company that honors a variety of payment options.

Here at Grandeliga, we accept the following:

  • Cash (Dollars or Pesos)
  • Bank transfer (from DR or US)
  • Debit or major credit cards
  • PayPal, Zelle, or Cash App

We also accept payment holds using cash, credit card, passport, or residence card.

6. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Who would want to walk long distances or commute to the car rental center after a long flight?

So if you want your DR vacation to be perfect, then follow this tip on how to choose a rental car company: make sure that it offers pick-up and drop-off services.

The good news is Grandeliga offers such services at:

Another good thing about choosing a Grandeliga rental vehicle? We deliver vehicles to anywhere within the Dominican Republic, too!

Toy car on world map

7. Customer Service

Travel plans can change quickly. There’s so much to enjoy in beautiful DR, so don’t be surprised if you prolong your stay here.

And, for times like this, you don’t want your rental contract to be a pain in the neck.

So here’s another good tip on how to choose a rental car company: make sure it offers impeccable customer service.

Grandeliga is proud to offer 24/7 response coverage. You can rely on our staff no matter what time or day it is.

8. Accreditation

You don’t want to get a luxury car from an unaccredited company. Should something happen to you, you won’t get any benefit from it.

Grandeliga is one of the select members of the airport union. That means we passed the rigorous requirements needed for a rental service.

You’re in good hands with us.

When it comes to choosing a DR rental vehicle, make sure to go for a Grandeliga car. We offer a variety of modern, full-featured automobiles that you can rent hassle-free.

Contact us today to make your luxury car reservation.

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