Getting Around the Dominican Republic: Different Types of Transportation

There are so many destinations to see and activities to do while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. So if you plan on visiting every nook and cranny of the country, then you need to familiarize yourself with the different transportation systems available.

Here are five of them:

1. Buses

If you’re traveling within the major cities, you can ride a minivan bus known locally as “guaguas”. The fare is cheap, but if you don’t carry the exact change, you might end up paying more. The journey is slow too and the guaguas are often jam-packed with people.

But if you’re heading out of the city, try the interurban coach bus service. This popular form of public transportation in the Dominican Republic is a comfortable way to visit other towns. After all, these air-conditioned buses are fitted with WiFi and TVs.

Metro Tours, for example, has services to/from Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Santiago, La Romana/Casa de Campo, and Sosúa.

Caribe Tours also services the routes mentioned above, except La Romana. They also have bus services to/from Samaná, Barahona, La Vega, Cabrera, Jarabacoa, Montecristi, and other provinces.

Expreso Bávaro has daily departures from Santo Domingo to Bávaro, making it the perfect option for those who wish to visit Punta Cana.

Interurban coach fares range from RD $200-500 per way.

Commuting on a packed bus

Similar to regional buses, low-cost minibus services can take you from one town to the next. The only difference with this Dominican Republic transportation system is you’re only traveling with 20-25 people instead of the usual 50.

Tip: Pick a low-cost minibus service with ‘Expreso’ written on it. It won’t stop to pick up passengers along the way, which makes for faster travel time.

2. Subway System

The capital has a subway system known as “Metro Santo Domingo.” It operates on two lines, both of which you could use to explore the city.

The north-south Line 1 goes from Villa Mella to Centro de los Héroes. Get off at the Casandra Damirón stop if you want to visit the National Theater and the surrounding museums.

Ride the east-west Line 2 to visit the Dominican Republic’s famed Agora Mall. It’s located near the public transportation stop Pedro Mir.

A one-way pass costs RD $20, while a round-trip fare costs $40.

Tip: If you plan to ride this system several times a day, save your money by getting the RD $ 80-day pass instead.

The Metro Santo Domingo system operates daily from 6 am to 10:30 pm. So if you plan on going home late, it’s best to get a rental car.

3. Taxis

Taxis can be found throughout the Dominican Republic. This public transportation option is common in major cities, such as Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Santiago. You can quickly get one, especially if you’re by a hotel, bus station, or any other tourist attraction.

You can also call 24-hour taxi services, such as Apolo Taxi or Aero Taxi, if you need a cab service. Just make sure to ask the color of the taxi一and the fare一upon booking. The minimum fare starts at RD $150.

Taxi cab signage lit up

If you want to save money, go hop on a shared taxi or concho. For as low as RD $25-50, this four-door car will stop wherever you want, as long as it’s part of its route.

There’s also the motorbike taxi, known in the Dominican Republic transportation circles as the motoconcho. It’s a cheap (RD $25-75) and fast way to navigate the busy streets of Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, or Jarabacoa. This method of transportation isn’t for the faint of heart as most motoconcho drivers don’t have helmets for their passengers.

4. Rideshare Services

Uber is available in three major cities: Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Santiago. There’s also Cabify, which is a rideshare service operating exclusively in Santo Domingo. Both services are convenient, which is why they’ve become popular options for tourists in the said areas.

5. Car Rentals

If you’re hesitant to try any of the Dominican Republic’s public transportation systems, and want to see this beautiful country on your own terms, then renting a car is the best option. Vehicles can be rented at the airport or while you’re in the city.

Grandeliga offers an easy, streamlined rental process for all its clients. You can get your luxury car at any of the DR’s major international airports. We can also have your car delivered anywhere in the country.

man driving a rental car

It’s easy to get around the Dominican Republic. You can take a bus, subway, taxi, or rideshare service. But if you don’t want to be held back by the constraints of public transport, then make sure to rent a car from Grandeliga. Contact us through phone or WhatsApp to reserve a vehicle today.

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