Grandeliga 3-Step Process for Car Rental Reservations

To make a car rental reservation with Grandeliga Rent Car in the Dominican Republic, follow these three steps:

1. Choose your rental car 

You can view our selection of rental cars on our website. Once you have found the perfect car for your needs, click on the “Reserve” button to make your reservation.


2. Provide Your Information

Once you’re connected to one of our friendly agents, provide your rental dates, pickup location, and personal information to confirm the reservation. Our rental car agent will take care of the rest!


3. Pick Up your Vehicle

All that’s left to do is arrive and receive your fully-loaded rental car.


Our number one goal at Grandeliga is providing the best rental car experience, from the time of booking to driving off in your rental car. So what are you waiting for? Make your rental car reservation with Grandeliga Rent Car today!

Why Choose Grandeliga Rent Car?

Grandeliga has a long history of providing rental cars to satisfied customers in the Dominican Republic. We are proud to offer:

A wide selection of rental cars to choose from

Fully-loaded rental cars with GPS, satellite radio, and more

Friendly and professional rental car agents

A seamless rental car reservation process

Multiple tiers of insurance options

Make your reservation with us today and experience the Grandeliga difference!

Still have questions, Check out our FAQ page for answers to your questions or contact us , and we’ll be happy to help.